(Masna. C.) Sarnıçlar. Su mahzenleri

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  • Masani — (Man SAA nee) Variations: MASAN Although the masani is also known to some asa masan, the two are in fact different types of vampires. The masani is a vampiric spirit from India, like the masan, but that is where the similarity ends. The masani… …   Encyclopedia of vampire mythology

  • Minocher Rustom Masani — Minocheher Rustom Masani (born 20 November 1905 in Mumbai, died 27 May 1998), popularly known as Minoo Masani, was a politician and leader of the Swatantra Party in India. He was a member of the second, third and fourth Lok Sabha, representing… …   Wikipedia

  • Penaz Masani — an Indian Ghazal singer who started singing in 1981 and has made over 20 albums in following years [ [ masani crooning glory/ Penaz Masani] ] In her career, she has won a number of awards, including the title of… …   Wikipedia

  • Swatantra-Partei — Die Swatantra Partei (skt. svatantra frei, selbstständig, unabhängig ) war in den Jahren 1959 1974 eine politische Oppositionspartei des liberal konservativen rechten Spektrums in Indien. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Gründung, Wahlerfolge, politisches… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Congress Socialist Party — The Congress Socialist Party (CSP) was founded in 1934 as a socialist caucus within the Indian National Congress. Its members rejected what they saw as the anti rational mysticism of Mohandas Gandhi as well as the sectarian attitude of the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Ilm-e-Kshnoom — ( science of ecstasy , or science of bliss ) is a school of Zoroastrian philosophy, practiced by a very small minority of the Indian Zoroastrians (Parsis/Iranis), based on a mystic and esoteric, rather than literal, interpretation of religious… …   Wikipedia

  • Rajkot (Lok Sabha constituency) — Rajkot is a Lok Sabha parliamentary constituency in Gujarat. Members of Parliament*1957: Minocher Rustom Masani, Swatantra Party *1962: Minocher Rustom Masani, Swatantra Party *1967: Minocher Rustom Masani, Swatantra Party *1971: Ghanshyambhai… …   Wikipedia

  • Norbert Wiener — Born November 26, 1894(1894 11 26) Columbia, Missouri, U.S …   Wikipedia

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